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We had a house built for 11 years. Today we realize that every day our exterior facades are wet in all weathers on a height of 20/25 cm and by a rain tonight our joints of tiles are wet... The promoter did not consider it useful to to set up a crawl space... where does this come from and is there a solution?

After 11 years, neither damage insurance nor the Decennial can take into account... Several problems can cause this kind of damage: the absence of gutters or their dysfunction due to neglected maintenance can induce a zone of accumulation or projection of water. Sometimes the presence of a sidewalk or terrace along the house can also cause this symptom, splashing water on the facade and / or stagnation of water on an impermeable surface.

A strip of arase has normally been established during construction. Make sure that's the case. This insulating strip integrated in the construction between the foundations and the walls themselves, ensures what is called a capillary break: it protects the frame from moisture from the ground. It must be installed horizontally without discontinuity at the base of the walls. Consult the A.Q.C. (construction quality agency) devoted to this subject. If the arase band has not been established, you may be able to sue the builder for defective and latent defect.

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