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Facades: architectural elements

A facade is not just a protective coating; there are also many architectural elements that structure its style, such as opening siding, window sills, skylights and cornices or thresholds doors.

Opening siding

Opening siding

In waterproofed concrete or reconstituted stone, they consist of elements to be glued on the facade (jambs, pediments) to frame the doors and windows or to make traditional lintels.
They settle on a new and healthy masonry by mechanical fixing and mortar bonding.

Window sills

Window sills

Designed to avoid rising water in the masonry, they must have a perfect seal.
Terracotta supports:
They are available in several depths (28, 35 and 38 cm) to adapt to different thicknesses of insulation.
Concrete supports:
In finished or painted cladding, they are available in different depths depending on the insulation of the walls. The choice of support:
- wall without insulation: 28 cm deep;
- wall with insulation (from 80 to 100 mm): 35 cm deep;
- wall with reinforced insulation: 39 cm deep.
Concrete supports must comply with standard NF P98-052.
The PRO Council
"After aligning the modular bays and sealing the window sills, I leave an 8-10 mm joint between each element using a shim. I then make the grouting with a mortar waterproof in the mass, the same shade of color.
Facing bricks They must comply with the quality criteria (water absorption, mechanical resistance to freezing, efflorescence) described in standard NFP 13-304. The implementation is codified by the DTU 20-1.

The dormers

In reconstituted stone, they are available in three models:

  1. bull eye skylight: monobloc element and tinted in the mass;
  2. skylight with pediment (30 or 40°);
  3. skylight with cocked hat.
The skylights with pediment or cocked hat consist of a window sill (35 cm), 2 jambs (section 20 x 20 cm) and an upper element (pediment or block hat of policeman).
The assembly is done by male-female interlocking, keying and bonding with adhesive mortar.


They come to crown the facade and ensure an aesthetic finish of the building.
There are several profiles, with or without joints, which complement each other with incoming and outgoing angles elements:

  • eCine profile;
  • quarter-round profile;
  • gutter profile.

The special feature of the eCine models is that they are freestanding and do not require shoring during implementation.

Facades: architectural elements: elements

Concrete thresholds

The door sills or bay window supports made of waterproof concrete, with a standard depth of 34 cm, have reinforced lateral rejicots in order to prevent any rise of humidity in the masonry. They are fixed on masonry by sealing. The application of a ribbed underside ensures better adhesion on mortar.

Facades: architectural elements: architectural

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