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The facing of a facade is a coating technique for which flat stones are positioned on the facade of a dwelling. This technique is particularly aesthetic and practical.

What is a facade cladding?

The facade cladding is made of reconstituted stone casts. These moldings consist of reduced stone powder or concrete, mixed with a hydraulic binder. They are thin and light. The facade facing gives the appearance of a real stone but is much more practical to handle because it can be made to the necessary dimensions without difficulty.

The facade cladding must be placed on a clean and dry facade. Different laying techniques exist: as a rule, its adhesion is ensured by a mortar. Unlike cladding, the siding is stuck to the facade.

The facade cladding has many advantages. It gives a very pleasant visual aspect to your home. There is one large choice of shapes and colors for facade cladding, which allows you to imagine a unique decoration. The life of a facing is also very good (20 years minimum). Finally, the facade cladding does not require any special maintenance, except for occasional cleaning.

What is the price of a facade cladding?

The facade cladding is a coating whose price can be relatively high compared to other coatings. For reconstituted stone slabs, prices start around 100 € the m2. The price depends mainly on the quality of the reconstituted stones used.

The total price of a facade cladding includes the price of materials: mortar, reconstituted stones, etc., but also labor.

To obtain a specific rate for your home, call a specialist who will quote you. This quote must include the price of service, the date of validity of the estimate and the information on a possible evolution of the price.

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