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There are several causes that can cause a VMC system failure. Very old and obsolete device, power supply problem, excessive fouling are the most common reasons for such a breakdown. Malfunctions that usually find a solution.

What to do when an old VMC breaks down?

After finding the fault, the first step is to check the system engine. This one can simply be stuck, his oil having had his time.

The engine is then dismounted (completely stopped) in order to:

  • to put fine oil in the rings
  • to lightly shave the shaft (axis that receives the rotational movement of the motor)

WarningIn case of doubt, calling a professional is much better than working without know-how and making the engine totally ineffective. Feel free to request a quote and compare offers.

It may be that the engine too old can not be repaired and must be replaced.

VMC system and electrical failure

Electrical examination of a VMC is not the responsibility of everyone. Only a professional can detect the failure without risk.

If the motor turns by hand (after the power supply has stopped completely) but does not work when the power is connected, the electricity may no longer reach him. To check it, we make an electrical test via a low 230V bulb.

In case of absence of power, it will be necessary to check the fuses of your electrical board which can have simply jumped.

If the cause of the failure does not come from there, remains the possibility of a deteriorated connection or a problem of capacitor. The intervention of a professional then becomes inevitable.

VMC clogged problem that breaks down

The use of a VMC induces an accumulation of dust in its ducts and in its engine which can be at the origin of a breakdown of the system.

  • Fats and accumulated dust can very strongly limit the flow of air.
  • They can also lead to a rapid deterioration of the motor-ventilatorr and thus bring about its definitive cessation.

In order to extend the life of a VMC, it is therefore recommended to:

  • Clean the air intakes and extraction vents every 3 months
  • Clean the ducts and the fan every 6 months
  • Have the installation inspected by a professional every 2 years.

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