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I installed in 2005 a daikin ajtech cap that is hot and cold, although I can not use the refreshing option because I have solid parquet, something I had reported to the seller during the purchase but he told me that it would not be a problem. Anyway, this is not the problem, this summer the company intervened to purge the pipes and do me more maintenance of the whole. During the restart of this device a few days ago it broke down 2 min after its first startup since the intervention of the company. I pointed out to the company that I found it unfortunate that the worker had not restarted. She moved again to see the breakdown (53 € for 15 min) and it is a condenser failure with an exorbitant bill of 1700 €. Of course the company does not want to hear anything while my insurance tells me that the company must be covered by its ten-year guarantee. But the company says it covers only the floor pipes for 10 years and 3 years the outdoor module. Today does anyone know if I have a recourse and what is it? The fact that my heating was working before the intervention of the company and that it no longer worked after, is there a procedural flaw. Of course on his side the company wishes me a good winter. Thank you

First of all a clarification: the heating systems are not covered by the "decennial", which concerns the building, but possibly for a period of 10 years.
It will be very difficult for you to prove that the failure can come from the manipulations carried out during the maintenance of your PAC, especially since the condenser is generally the problematic piece on this type of material. The guarantee of this type of machine is actually on the parts and sometimes on the heated floor but in your case, it has passed, it leaves little room for maneuver... Only an expertise could provide proof of a fault handling of the from the person who intervened...

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