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Grassed paths are one of the simplest and most natural. But to avoid that it requires too much maintenance, it is advisable to take some precautions.

To take full advantage of your garden, think ahead of the way you want to enjoy it? Vegetable garden and / or pleasure? Do you have time to maintain it regularly?

If the aesthetic aspect is important, the practical and technical aspects of access and traffic routes should also be taken into account.

What is a grassed driveway?

A grassed driveway is an alley where you leave push the grass and the plants already present. This means both turf, but also weeds such as bindweed, dandelion, thistles or purslane that can quickly invade the rest of your garden giving it an unsightly appearance. In addition, if the grass is not resistant to traffic (cars, pedestrians...), your driveway can quickly look like a path only occupied by more resistant weeds.

What are the advantages of a grassed driveway?

If your garden is not very big, the grassed driveway is a solution attractive aesthetic because it reveals a green area bigger than if you put cement or chippings to park your cars. The appearance is more natural. If the driveway is wide enough, it can also be easily maintained with a mower. A grassed driveway can also be modified each year as it can be re-cultivated the following year.

How to design a grassed driveway?

There are different ways to plant a grassed driveway. To avoid being overgrown with weeds, choose plants that are more resistant to trampling than grass like white clover or grassy ryegrass (which grows quickly). To prevent these plants from overflowing on your possible neighboring crops, plan a small border. Once mown, you can also recover what you have mowed as fertilizer for the rest of your garden.

If you want less maintenance or if the driveway is very busy, you can also choose hollow concrete slabs, stronger than plastic ones and let pass the turf. For better longevity, it is necessary to water regularly your driveway because the sun heats the concrete and can grill your lawn.

Video Instruction: Installation of the EVOKE tiles onto a grass substrate