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The useful must today combine with the pleasant and the decorative. It is in this spirit that appeared in our bathrooms and our kitchens the luminous LED light. Ecological, design, playful and above all very practical, the LED taps seduced by its originality.

Operation and installation of the LEDS tap

An LED valve or tip does not require the addition of batteries to operate. The opening of the valve causes the flow of water that actuates the dynamo and the thermosensitive sensor of the object. The lighting indicates the temperature of the water.

There are generally three types of colors, which vary according to the model:

  • blue for the cold
  • green for lukewarm
  • red for the hot

The LEDs do not require special installation. The plumber in charge of the installation of the valve will therefore have no additional work to provide for an installation of this type.

The LEDs tip is when it is simply fixed in place of the old aerator tap. The latter has been previously unscrewed for replacement.
Adapters are normally supplied with the tip to facilitate installation. However, it will be necessary to install a seal, supplied with the tip, to ensure proper operation.

A faucet LEDs that has it all

  • By operating without battery and battery, LEDS valves are economical and ecological.
  • Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, the faucet LEDs is particularly fun for children, fascinated by these bright changes.
  • Elderly people who have lost some of the sensitivity of their fingers, will also be able to follow a visual cue to make sure of the temperature of the water.
  • The LEDS faucet is one object at a time High Tech and Design: it allows all the decorative inspirations, the coloring of the water making it particularly aesthetic.
    Models of faucets incorporating LED lighting have multiplied and diversified. Very trendy, they have allowed many innovations in design and are now accessible in all forms.
  • The price of a LEDs faucet is very variable. The light tip is available from 10 euros when a full LEDs faucet is accessible around 100 euros.

Video Instruction: Glow LED Water Stream Faucet Tap Temperature Sensor.Насадка на кран.