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The thermostatic mixing valve is an accessory found in the kitchen, the shower or the bathroom. This sanitary accessory allows hot water to be delivered at the desired temperature, but as time goes by, this element can fail to make the mixer unusable and inefficient. Depending on the breakdown, there are different actions to take, here are...

Thermostatic mixer out of order: the causes

Mixer malfunction can manifest itself in different ways. It is possible that the water is too cold or, on the contrary, too hot and, in some cases, it may show a cloudy color. The problem can also be noted at the level of the flow that becomes too low or so, we notice a leak in the mixer. Whether it's a water leak, from a low flowe or elsewater at bad temperature, the problem is usually inside the mixer that must be disassembled.

In the case of a leak, it is possible that the ceramic rollers are worn. There is also the hypothesis that an impurity is embedded in the system, making the pebbles less watertight.

In case of problems of flow or temperature, a problem of scale is often involved. The limestone deposit prevents water from flowing well and disrupts the internal system that regulates the flow and temperature of the water.

It is then necessary to dismantle the complete system. In the most extreme cases, a replacement of the thermostatic head may be necessary, knowing that it may be as expensive as the mixer itself.

For information, the price of a thermostatic mixer starts at 50 euros and can exceed 400 euros for a high-end system.

Thermostatic faucet failure: what solutions?

In most cases, it is necessary to disassemble the thermostatic mixing valve. After disassembly, the cartridge must be removed in order to clean it and remove any impurities or scale that may have formed. After removing all joints, the device is soaked in white (preferably warm) vinegar for several hours (up to 24 hours) before rubbing gently and rinsing thoroughly with cold water. Then you have to replace the joints and other moving parts after greasing them with a special product (special silicone grease fitting). Therefore, all that remains is to reassemble the mixer and put it back in place.

Disassemble the thermostatic mixing valve: tips

Disassembly of the thermostatic valve is quite similar for all models. The first step is to turn off the water and empty the mixer by opening the water tap. Then comes the dismantling step itself. You must start removing the nut covers before unscrewing the nuts. The mixer can then be removed (still gently) to remove the rotary controls. Using an Allen key (hexagon), the screw holding the thermostatic head can easily be removed.

In any case, it is advisable to consult instructions or videos on the Internet or to inquire with a professional plumber before embarking on the dismantling of a thermostatic mixing valve.

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