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Are you considering building, renovating or extending your home? Your project can be the subject of a feasibility study. For example, you can contact an architect for the realization of this study. You will receive detailed plans and an estimate of the cost of the work.

What is a feasibility study?

The feasibility study concerns in particular the technical, economic and legal aspects of the project. It is a question of checking if the project is feasible and to determine all the conditions, on the basis of the specifications provided by the owner or the client.

A feasibility study makes it possible to analyze the needs of the project, to estimate the cost of the work, to determine the various solutions to be implemented, etc.

Who to contact for a feasibility study?

For the construction of your house or for a specific development, you can request an architect. A feasibility study will enable you to confirm the viability of your project, and to be sure to carry out a project that meets your expectations.

You can also have a feasibility study carried out as part of your project to install a new heating or power generation solution, for example.

How is a feasibility study done?

The architect or specialist must visit your property. He then performs various analyzes, realizes the 3D plans and perspectives, and then provides his study including the estimate of the cost of the work.

This feasibility study will help you move forward in your project.

Regulatory Update

The owner of the operation to build a net floor area greater than 1,000 m2 must carry out a feasibility study energy supply solutions. This study should allow the building owner to favor a high-performance and energy-efficient solution, according to the study's indicators. However, this step is no longer mandatory for detached or contiguous homes.

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