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The sewerage connection, made mandatory where possible, helps preserve the planet by treating wastewater before it is discharged into the wild. However, the collection, transportation and purification of water have a cost and this service to the consumer is added to the amount of the water bill. This financial participation in the treatment of wastewater is known as the collective sanitation charge.

What is the collective sanitation charge?

When it comes to treat wastewater, the consumer must contribute financially by paying a collective sewerage levy (for those connected to the sewer system) or non-collective (for those equipped with a septic tank). The collective sewerage levy is used to finance the collection, transportation and purification of water as well as the construction, operation and maintenance of the works necessary for this treatment.

Payment of the fee is mandatory for any household connected to the public sanitation network. The private user is also obliged to apply for an ordinary spill to declare that the water he rejects is of domestic and non-professional origin. All these steps have been put in place to help protect the environment and protect natural resources.

Collective Sanitation Fee: Rates

The collective sewerage tax is to be paid at the same time as the water bill and is found under the name "collection and treatment of waste water". The amount is fixed either by the city or by the EPCI (Public Establishment of Intercommunal Cooperation).
Part of the fee is used to cover the expenses of the sanitation service and another part depends on the consumption made by the user. In this variable part, water used for irrigation and watering or water that does not generate wastewater is not taken into account.

The amount of the fee is calculated according to a base rate and the volume of water consumed in m3. For companies that discharge industrial water, a pollution coefficient will be added to the calculation because industrial water requires specific collection and treatment.

For information, know that a family of 3-4 people consuming 120m3 of drinking water per year will have to pay about 30 euros per month 4.30 euros of sanitation fee.

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