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In the card "Electrical safety rules in a bathroom" § 4. Appliances and equipment it is said for electric water heaters (instantaneous and storage) are tolerated in volumes 1 and 2 if they can not be installed elsewhere, provided that their pipes are conductive (which excludes PVC-C and PER). The Promotelec standard "" chap. III § E pipes: "The pipes must not contain metallic elements" Who is right? They must be conductive and not contain metallic elements !!!! Thank you to enlighten me"

The NF C15-100 standard specified until recently (in the accompanying caption of a diagram of "volumes") that "Instantaneous water heaters can be installed in volumes 1 and 2 provided that they are connected to water pipes made of conductive material If the dimensions of the bathroom do not allow it, it is possible to install the storage water heaters: - in volume 2 if the water pipes are made of conductive material - in volume 1, if they are of horizontal type and placed as high as possible and if the water pipes are of conductive material. "

The popularization by PROMOTELEC (since there is no standard "Promotelec") of the standard, in its version 2009 actually specifies that "the pipelines must not contain metallic elements", but also indicates that "whatever the nature of the pipes (conductive or insulating), an instantaneous water heater or accumulation can be installed in volume 1 or 2 "...

I pass on the dilemma to PROMOTELEC...

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