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The composition of the geotextile felt makes it a particularly resistant material. Used to limit weed regrowth, contain invasive roots, seal a pond... the functions of geotextile felt for garden are multiple. Our explanations.

The geotextile felt for garden, what is it?

Characteristics of the geotextile felt

The geotextile felt can be compared to a fabric by its shape and texture. Its composition includes various synthetic materials, including polypropylene. Sometimes woven material and sometimes no, it usually sports a hue between white and gray and comes in the trade in the form of big rolls.

The materials that go into the composition of the geotextile felt make it a material rot particularly resistant. In fact, it is very difficult to perforate, even using a cutter. Qualities that explain its very frequent use in the construction and gardening environments.

To noteIn order to cut cleanly this product, favor the use of a chisel.

Biodegradable geotextile felt

A version biodegradable, made of coconut fiber and jute, has recently made its way into the trade. This type of geotextile felt is particularly recommended for gardening, since its use avoids unnecessary pollution of the soil.

What is the use of geotextile felt in a garden?

The garden geotextile felt can have multiple functions.

Some examples of possible uses

  • Using a geotextile felt can contain the invasive roots of certain plants such as bamboo. Felt is used as a barrier to the development of their roots, thus protecting nearby plants.
  • The geotextile felt can be used under a gravel driveway to limit weed regrowth.
  • This material also makes it possible to cultivate the shrubs of heather earth (Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azaleas...) even when the garden has a calcareous soil.
    It is used here to separate the layers of earth (calcareous earth and heather earth) so as not to mix them and each one retains its properties. A solution much better than plastic garbage bags sometimes used by gardeners.
  • Finally, since it can not be perforated, the geotextile felt helps protect the PVC waterproofing tarpaulin from your garden ponds.

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