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Used to delimit the massifs or to create planters, the wall also serves very largely in fence. Focus on what you need to know about the wall type fence.

A wall type fence

A wall type fence

The wall type fence, not to be confused with the fence wall

First of all, the wall type fence is low height unlike a wall whose larger size requires, depending on the case, the deposit upstream of a declaration of work or a building permit.
For the rest, the main principles are the same since the wall type fence should not be erected on the property of the neighbor, unless having the prior agreement of the latter and / or that the separation is terraced.

Materials for a wall type fence

The wall type fence is made of several materials:

  • Natural or reconstituted stone: These include marble, limestone or sandstone, which gives an authentic charm. The second has the interest of being less expensive;
  • The brick: Full or perforated, it is declined in many shades, black for the darkest and sand for the clearest;
  • Concrete: It offers various rendering possibilities in terms of shapes, curves for example, and finishes (plaster, plaster or paint).

The design, the major asset of the wall type fence

In addition to its robustness, especially for the retention of the ground of a sloping ground, the major asset of the wall type fence is its customizable aspect galore.
This type of separation can indeed remain in the state of simple wall or accommodate a fence on its upper part. It can be blades or bars, horizontal or vertical, more or less perforated depending on the desired level of intimacy, wood, PVC, aluminum, stone or wrought iron, cane, or plants...
The wall type fence This makes it possible to vary shapes, colors and materials, and to have a unique delimitation in a traditional or contemporary style.

The installation of a wall type fence

The installation of a wall-type fence goes through several stages almost similar to those of a concrete fence: preparation (trenching, trenching and earthworks) then pouring foundations, building pillars, laying stones, bricks or blocks, realization of the join, and finishes.
In terms of price, the fence-type wall, if mounted itself, is between 70 and 170 euros per meter, depending on its height (between 60 and 100 centimeters) and materials that compose it.
Also, unless you are a good handyman, it is advisable to entrust these masonry work to a landscape company.

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