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Feng Shui outside the house

Whether in the city or in the countryside, energies circulate both inside and outside our homes. For our well-being, it is essential to consider the environment around us. Feng Shui teaches us to detect and control these invisible forces that can influence our lives positively but negatively. This week, HandymanDuDimanche offers you to discover the solutions that brings us Feng Shui to harmonize your habitat according to the energies that gravitate in its sector.

The invisible energies

Omnipresent in our daily life, invisible energies may have, according to Feng Shui, a great influence on our well-being. Some phenomena, which can cause negative disturbances, should be avoided as much as possible. Underground rivers, which alter the electromagnetic frequency of the earth, cause energy spirals that are harmful to our organism and our environment.

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The use of the foundations of a house by the groundwater is also a concrete example. It is therefore strongly discouraged to live above watercourses. Many human activities, such as mines, railways, tunnels, quarries or polluted rivers disturb the energies and can have an impact on our well-being. It is therefore important to learn about these points before building or buying a house.

There are very special signs that indicate the presence of energy problems. To decipher these indices, we must observe with the greatest attention the elements around us. Leaning trees, caterpillars on the trunks, a heavy atmosphere, cold and wet rooms or illness following a move are heralding a certain disturbance in your environment. To remedy the feeling of discomfort caused by these energetic disturbances, it is sometimes enough to change the furniture of place. To help us remedy energy disorders, there are professionals, radiesthesists, able to detect and eliminate certain energies.

The urban world

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With their cafes, restaurants and shops open all night, the cities and especially their city center drain a lot of yang energy, which influences the urban lifestyle. Often in a hurry and very active, city dwellers need more passive yin energy and calm in their interior. By privileging the felted colors, the natural materials, the water and the green plants in an apartment, he will find a balance between the yin and the yang which will calm his occupants of the tumult of the city life. In small towns where the city center is often deserted in the evening it is necessary instead to opt for bright colors and strong lighting to bring out the yang and revitalize the space. The same is true for residential suburbs where nightlife, which is often very limited, must be compensated for by the play of colors and light that will revive the yang of homes.

The rural world

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In the countryside, the energies of the surrounding nature are numerous and powerful. To benefit from it, it is necessary to privilege the alleys, the trees, the fauna and the flora, the outside life. In return, certain aspects of rural life have a negative influence on our serenity such as agrochemicals, intensive culture, isolation or the lack of transport and long distances that cut us off from the outside world. It is essential to keep yang activities such as sports or community life to compensate for yin caused by the remoteness of the countryside. The proximity of fields and wood, favorable to the circulation of the energies, is a positive factor not to be neglected. Rivers and ponds, located near homes (and not below) accumulate good energy, attract animals and favor the greenery, their surroundings are therefore sites advised by Feng Shui.

If our external environment influences our well being, our interior, must be in harmony with our way of life and our aspirations. The decoration, the choice of materials, furniture and colors reflect our personality. It is therefore important to choose them carefully taking into account the lessons that Feng Shui gives us. We will see the week how to arrange your home to enjoy the best possible conditions.

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