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Your lawn does not look healthy? It is dull and sparse? Fertilize it is the ideal solution to restore your lawn all its vigor of yesteryear and a beautiful green color.

Fertilization of a lawn

Fertilization of a lawn

Why fertilize a lawn?

The lawn is alive, and like any living thing, it needs to be properly nourished. When the lawn is located on an ideal soil, it has enough mineral elements for its development. When the soil is not adapted, it is the fertilization that will allow it to take advantage of the various nutrients necessary for its growth. This includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, elements that are contained in different products for fertilization.

When to fertilize your lawn?

The fertilization of a lawn is done at specific times because the nutritional needs of a lawn are not homogeneous. They depend on its development over the year. It must then be fertilized when it is growing and not when it is at rest. The application of fertilizer must be split because the lawn absorbs only a certain amount of nutrients over the same period. In fact, fertilization must be done at two times of the year:

  • First at the beginning of the spring period during which the lawn must have a nitrogen supply, necessary for its external appearance. This intake must be repeated two to three times throughout the season;
  • Then to the autumn period during which the lawn must have a contribution of phosphorus and potassium, necessary for its development.

How to fertilize your lawn?

Fertilization of a lawn can be done from:

  • From compostsThese are organic materials that, when added to the lawn, fertilize it. Their nutrient content is low but when applied in large amounts, their contribution can be significant.
  • fertilizerthey can be synthetic or of natural origin and are in the form of granules. Prefer slow-release fertilizers that will release a small amount of nutrients over a long period of time, allowing them to be more effectively absorbed by the lawn.
  • Grasscyclinga practice of letting the grass mow on the lawn, providing about 30% of the plant's nutritional requirements.

To find out how much fertilizer to apply when fertilizing a lawn, determine how much of the lawn is to fertilize. It is to be done in a uniform way. Care must be taken because overfertilization can significantly damage the lawn.

Do not hesitate to call on a maintenance company for green spaces or a gardener or landscape gardener for fertilizing your lawn.

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