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On an 8 year old house; PER pipe plumbing I had to change the boiler pump after 6 years. The water was black but the intervener (boiler maintenance contract and same heating construction company) told me that it was normal (black water.Today it is a sheet metal radiator that is pierced and information taken that would be due to electrolytic corrosion due to the porosity of the PER to oxygen and that at least the installation should have been treated from the outset since it is all the radiators and the boiler that would be in danger.

A PER without oxygen barrier can actually cause corrosion problems in steel radiators, the circulation water is gradually loading oxygen. It is not electrolytic corrosion, but simply a water loaded with oxygen, which rust the metal elements with which it comes into contact. Installers advise regular oil changes. As for the additives for heating intended to fight against corrosion, they are perceived by the heating engineers in a diverse way, with very variable results from one installation to another.

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