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Avoiding heat loss or converting the attic to expand your home are two good reasons to insulate your roof. But what works does this entail and, above all, which material to choose?

Attic insulation: how to do it yourself

Increasing the cost of energy, global warming, comfort, these three reasons are enough to remind the importance of insulation in our homes.
The principle is simple: like a big sweater, the insulation prevents heat exchange.
In winter, the heat produced inside does not escape to the outside. In summer, the freshness stays in the house.
Results? A considerable reduction in the energy bill devoted to heating or air conditioning. A preserved environment and a much greater comfort of life in a house that gains value in the event of resale.
To put an end to a colander and energy-consuming house, a good insulation under the roofs remains priority. The choice of techniques to isolate the attics depends primarily on their destination. Are they unused, occupied like an attic or converted into living rooms? The products used and the importance of the construction site result from this.

What energy losses?

The largest heat loss is at the roof level. If no barrier holds it, hot air escapes from above.
To insulate the attic is then an essential operation even if it is always interesting to treat the whole house.

Diagram of thermal losses of a dwelling

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