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Solar is inviting in the heart of the house

Dossier: renewable solar energy in the habitat: solar

Completely free and renewable, the energy that the sun offers us is not content to stay outside our homes. If solar panels hold the upper hand, many objects of our daily life can be powered by the sun's rays. The solar calculator of the 80s only has to be well! A wave of solar products of all kinds will not be long in invading our interiors and our gardens. This week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover a new generation of products, ecological, practical and economical.

At home

Dossier: renewable solar energy in the habitat: dossier

Little publicized, the coolers are however in full expansion. Fans, refrigerators or even freezers can now function almost without electricity, thanks to the sun's rays they capture with their panels. Operating at very low voltage, they seem just as effective as other models. To live to the rhythm of the sun, there are also clocks, alarm clocks and totally autonomous radios thanks to their small integrated solar panels. With the aroma diffusers, it is now possible to perfume our home without consuming electricity.

In the garden

Flooded with light, gardens and green spaces are places where solar energy can be widely exploited. It would be a shame not to enjoy the benefits that nature offers us. With beacons and other lanterns, finished extensions and power cuts. From now on, your nights will be illuminated by the light of photovoltaic lighting!

Dossier: renewable solar energy in the habitat: habitat

To improve your comfort and safety without polluting, there are also motion detector spots but also gate motorization systems also relying on solar energy. To eliminate insects and other pests such as moles and wildlife, nothing better than ultrasonic diffusers. If you want to decorate your lawn with a decorative and ecological touch opt for fountains and waterfalls not to mention the many bright gadgets like butterflies, frogs, or even LED garden dwarves also fed by the sunlight. If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool, it is possible to heat and clean it thanks to the benefits of solar panels. As for fans of outdoor cooking and garden parties, they will find their happiness with the solar oven fully autonomous and just as good as the classic models!

All Terrain

Dossier: renewable solar energy in the habitat: renewable

At home or on the move, solar objects improve our comfort without tapping into our natural resources. There are several models of solar chargers for batteries or electrical appliances increasingly sophisticated. To avoid the cold shower, and wash in all circumstances, there is the solar shower, a clever black tank, which warms up after one hour of exposure. Just add to the list the famous solar flashlight with which you will never be out of pile!

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The solar water heater Whether for occasional or daily use, HandymanDuDimanche encourages you to use a maximum of solar products for the good of our planet but also for that of your wallet. Regret that they are rarely highlighted in the media as in stores!

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - February 21, 2008

The other aspects of the "Green energies" file Domestic wind power Hydroelectric energy Geothermal energy

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