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I dismantled exotic wood slats that are used as a bench seat in an aluminum boat. I would like to reattach them with aluminum pop rivets. My concern is to hide the "hole" of about 10mm made for the rivet. I'm thinking of amalgam of wood to seal this one-eyed hole. What kind of glue, because I would like the cap to be no different from the shade of natural wood?

You have two solutions: to fill these holes with false ankles (the most aesthetic solution) or to do it with wood paste. Buy 10 mm diameter round bar (trunnion) and cut cylinders corresponding to the depth of the recess holes. Crack the bottom of the hole and place the cylinder in the hole. Tear off the protruding part with a suitable saw and sand for a perfect outcrop. It does not matter if the wood of these pins is lighter or darker than that of your latte. It will only be more aesthetic.

You can of course use woodpulp, but the result is not always famous.

Finally, you can also use metal cabochons. Beware of cabochons that are not aluminum because this material is subject to electrolysis.

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