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The most widely used insulation in France, mineral wool has great technical and environmental qualities: easy to implement, efficient, ecological, sustainable... Advantages that the FILMM continues to promote to building stakeholders.

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Insulate your house with mineral wools

Insulate your house with mineral wools

Mineral wool on the front of the stage

The national union of Manufactured Mineral Wool Insulator Manufacturers (FILMM) has been representing French mineral wool manufacturers for 40 years and promotes this insulation to all construction and public authorities. Mineral wools help reduce energy costs of buildings, the conservation of the environment and the comfort of all.

Isolate, protect, respect

To be comfortable, a home must have a perfect thermal and sound insulation. Due to the structure of the product, mineral wools provide these two types of insulation in a single product. Indeed, by enclosing air, mineral wools are a barrier to energy and noise exchanges between the outside and the inside of buildings. Result: a thermal comfort in the rooms of the house more pleasant and noise (air and shock) largely attenuated. These performances are all the better as the implementation is well done.
Mineral wool, in participating in the reduction of energy consumption (electricity, gas or oil) to heat a home, contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of buildings they isolate. Finally, they are produced under environmentally friendly production conditions using a large amount of recycled materials. Guaranteed by an ACERMI certification, mineral wools bring sustainable performance.
The motto of the FILMM "Isolate - Protect - Respect" is therefore more than ever at the heart of the union's actions, which is involved in sustainable development, energy saving and the preservation of the environment.

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Detailed diagrams of the physical phenomena at work, point on the financial aids for the works of renovation, performances grouped by heading... Of educational animations in testimonies, the site of the FILMM puts the accent on the ecological renovation. A project works to improve comfort and reduce the electricity bill? All the answers are in "Mineral wool and energy renovation" a complete webdocumentary on mineral wool.
To discover these insulators in all their aspects, visit An essential step before embarking on all your projects.

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