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How to eliminate tiny lumps in an old paint pot.

Technique for filtering the paint

Filter a painting: paint

With a cutter, cut the body of a plastic bottle.
A cup in the middle is equivalent to the volume of a 0.5l pot.
Wipe the inside to remove any water.

Filter a painting: filter

Fold a sock over the top of the bottle (it serves as a funnel).
Overlay the two elements, the upper part, neck down.

Filter a painting: painting

Put on vinyl gloves and mix the paint before pouring it into the filter sock.
If necessary, dilute the paint (synthetic thinner) to thin it.

Filter a painting: bottle

Take the sock in one hand and with the other, squeeze this pocket of paint from the top to the bottom.
The filtering done and the lumps locked, throw it all away.

Wearing the collar of another bottle, the "pot of paint" is protected from dust.

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