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Although the installation of photovoltaic solar panels no longer benefits from tax credits since January 2014, it is possible to find solutions to finance the purchase of equipment and its installation.

Depending on the region in which you live, you can benefit from aids for the financing of photovoltaic solar panels. It is easy to obtain information from your region, your department or your municipality. It is also possible to enjoy tax benefits by investing in a solar installation. Indeed, if the dwelling to be equipped is more than two years old, the VAT on the purchase of the equipment is reduced to 5.5%.

Furthermore, ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) offers financial assistance for the purchase of eco-friendly equipment and for its installation. In the same way as bank loans, the individual must meet certain conditions. The future beneficiary must draw up an aid application file which mentions the subsidies already received, the provisional financing plan and the timetable for carrying out the work. The ADEME must be kept informed of the progress of the works, a sign must be installed at the entrance of the site mentioning the nature of the work, the specificity of the equipment used and the amount of funding for photovoltaic solar panels of the ADEME. The beneficiary of the aid must also provide a posteriori report on the performance and maintenance of the facilities.

Loans, which provisions?

Contract a loan is often an essential step. Some installers may offer financing packages that you can submit to your bank for funding.

Banks today offer specific loans called " eco-loans " or and " ecological loans ". These funds are exclusively reserved for energy saving works including the installation of photovoltaic solar panels. These are zero interest loans. To obtain this loan must meet several conditions. The applicant must own the property he wishes to equip and occupy it as his principal residence. This must have been built before 1 January 1990. The amount of the eco-loan can reach 30000 €.

In the case where it can not be obtained, the banks propose other forms of loans reserved for energy saving works. Some of these loans can be contracted using savings plans or booklet such as ELP or CEL.

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