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To enable French households to modernize their heating oil heating system, AIDEE offers EcoPrimes up to 1,500 euros.

How to get an energy bonus for a fuel boiler?

The Ministry in charge of Energy imposes with the national system energy saving certificates (CEE) to all energy suppliers of save money and promote virtuous behavior among energy consumers. Electricity, gas, heating oil, heat or cold, motor fuels: all are concerned.

In this context, the inter-professional association for the development of energy efficiency (AIDEE) offers EcoPrimes up to 1 500 euros to allow French households to modernize their heating system.
AIDEE includes the following brands:

  • Atlantic
  • Auer
  • Bosch
  • Chappee
  • Daikin
  • De Dietrich
  • Domusa
  • Oertli
  • Perge
  • Valiant
  • Viessmann
  • Wolf

From April 1st to October 31st, 2018, according to certain conditions of resources, it is thus possible to benefit from these "EcoPrimes" if one installs at home a fuel boiler High Energy Performance (HPE) or a heat pump (PAC) hybrid fuel brands adhering to this association.

To calculate the exact amount of the premium that can be received and to know the material concerned, go to

Amounts of Ecoprimes for a HPE fuel oil boiler

AIDEE's financial assistance to replace its old boiler with a new HPE oil can go as far as 900 euros for households considered to be in a situation of "great energy poverty" according to the decree on the modalities of application of the Energy Savings Certificate (ECE) scheme.
For other households, it is 550 euros. In this amount, the association includes 100 euros in oil check to use at particular distributors.

Amount of EcoPrimes for a hybrid fuel oil cap

The EcoPrimes for installing a hybrid oil heat pump vary depending on the heated surface of the home and the household income:

  • For a heated dwelling less than or equal to 130 m2, the bonus is 800 euros. For an area greater than 130 m2, help is 1,000 euros.
  • People in a situation of "great fuel poverty" can obtain up to € 1,300 for a heated surface less than or equal to 130 m2 and up 1,500 euros for a surface greater than 130 m2.

What steps to benefit from EcoPrimes oil boilers HPE and hybrid fuel oil PAC AIDEE?

To obtain the EcoPrimes, five steps must be respected. The documents must be completed in good and due form.
1. Know if you are eligible for the "EcoPrimes Super Bonus"
This "super bonus" is reserved for households that are considered in a situation of "great fuel poverty". They usually benefit from the energy check, the CMUC, the ACS or their incomes are lower than a specific grid.
Examples of eligibility:

  • The income of a couple living in Île-de-France not exceeding 29 171 euros.
  • A couple living in another French region whose income does not exceed 21 001 euros.
  • A Parisian family with three children whose income does not exceed 46,798 euros.
2. Sign
Sign the offer "EcoPrimes HELP"

Just download it on the AIDEE website.
Sign the quote
The purchase and installation quote for the hybrid heat pump or the HPE boiler must be signed between April 1 and October 31, 2018. The professional must be qualified as an RGE.
Send the offer and quotation by mail.
3. Enter the file on the site
Fill out the form of the file thanks to the elements of the estimate then send it by the Post. A confirmation email will be sent and a second containing a certificate on honor to be completed and signed by the beneficiary and the installer. The latter can also take care of the file.
4. Perform the work
To obtain the EcoPrimes, the installation work of the HPE boiler or the hybrid fuel oil heat pump must be done within three months after acceptance of the quote.
5. The premium is paid
Upon receipt of all documents, AIDEE pays the premium to the beneficiary within two months. The check of 100 euros is to be used for a delivery of minimum 500 liters domestic fuel.

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