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Following the request and remark concerning SAGA shutters you answer: You only have to prosecute the judicial liquidator
1 How to contact him?
2 The person who took the follow-up says that he does not know what happened to the previous STE!
This company does not take into account the malfacons of the SAGA Could we know what has become of the leaders of the SAGA who do not seem to want to be known, the former employees also... We are victims why can not we defend ourselves.

When a company has been liquidated, you can ask the Commercial Court about the name and address of the liquidator. Unless the corporate officers of the company have been condemned to fill the liability (which is rare), it will certainly answer you that the realizable asset has not allowed to compensate the people injured by the failure of the (the preferred creditors, whose employees and the state were first As for the former leaders themselves, their responsibility can not be sought beyond their commitments (social capital, bonds, etc.).

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