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I come to you because I do not know where to return. I received a huge electricity bill (EDF) due to excessive consumption, 15,500 kw over 14 months and an average of 1,110 kw / month. For a little over a year, I have owned a 130 m² gas-heated house (including the Cumulus). I have classic appliances, without air conditioning or heat pump. An electrician came, but he could not find anything where the problem could come in. What do you advise me to do? Thank you for coming back.

A consumption of 1100 kw per month, for a house of 130 m² and mostly heated gas does not appear "huge", but still very important.
The first point to check is to check if there is not just a problem in the input of the meter, with previous consumption estimates, much higher than the reality. If the consumption estimated for 14 months are much higher than the reality then noted, EDF computing can understand that the counter went to 9999 or 99999, then from zero, to the figure currently displayed. You can enter the EDF customer service and, if the answer does not satisfy you, contact an EDF Customer Service representative. You can also enter ERDF, responsible for the meter.
Moreover, it is necessary to raise one by one the behavior of all the electrical equipment of the house, and to try to measure more finely their consumption.
Finally, if nothing is clear, bring in an electrician again to try to determine the origin of this overconsumption.

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