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Can you advise me on the serious companies for the treatment of the frames, in the department 06? Because people came to me, saying that the termites had done damage and I have to redo the battens, ridge etc... and that for 7000 euros! (removal and refitting of the old roof).

You have to be very cautious, even suspicious, with door-to-door sales companies who claim that your frame is attacked by xylophagous insects, and especially by termites! It is rare, indeed, that these evil creatures reach the roof without having previously done considerable damage to the rest of the house. Do not forget that termites living with us are termites "earth" and do not arrive in a house by air! Get closer to a diagnoser first. If it is confirmed that your framework is infested, have several quotes made to CTBA certified companies and using CTBA + recognized products; the list is distributed by the CTBA. They must also have the NF standard. Of course you must declare the presence of termites in your house at the town hall, whether you are a tenant or owner.

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