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I have an extension project of a shale stone house and roof in lauze north aveyron cp = 12140 => R and R + 1 of 48m ² each. Wanting to maintain a certain thermal inertia inside (already existing in other buildings) I move towards monomur brick walls. Regardless of the hourly cost, I wondered if outside it was possible:
- to mount in front of the raw monomur a wall of approval (10 to 20 cm thick) with the stones of the country then jointer them? result = monomur 37.5 + 20 shale stone - to provide insulation (wood wool) against the raw monomur then the wall of approval? result = monomur 37.5 + 10 wool on wood frame + 20 shale stone.

As you can read in our article on the performance of hollow-core bricks, monomur brick is an excellent choice for maintaining good thermal inertia. Although it is not very orthodox, there is nothing to prevent you from putting on a decorative facade. On the other hand, any additional insulation must be inside your house, with plasterboard facing. Note that you lose some of the interest of the Monomur brick by doubling it.
You could also turn to cellular concrete which is a very good compromise and does not require additional insulation if the thickness of the blocks is sufficient (R = 4.61 for 40 cm thick and 5.73 for 50 cm). You will choose the size according to the climatic conditions of your area and the location of your home. You can then coat it with the exterior cladding of your choice. All information in our sheet on the construction of cellular concrete.

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