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A finish with linseed oil

Ideal for preserving moisture-sensitive woods, linseed oil waterproofs and nourishes them while maintaining their visible veins. Be aware, however, that it tends to darken the hue of the wood.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Linseed oil
A foam brush
Fine sandpaper or very fine sandpaper (between 120 and 180)
Clean rags
Old newspapers

Step 1: Surface preparation

Protect the floor with old newspapers and put on gloves.
Sand the previous layers of wax or oil with sandpaper, always passing the abrasive in the direction of the wood.
Then dust off everything and then wipe the surface with a clean cloth dipped in linseed oil.

Step 2: the first layer

Soak, without overloading it, the linen oil foam brush.
Pass the brush in the direction of the fiber without stopping, to avoid traces.

A finish with linseed oil: wood

Let it dry for about 15 minutes then iron a clean cloth to remove excess oil.

Step 3: The second layer

Wait a few hours for the first layer to become wet, then brush on for a second, wiping with a rag like the previous one.

Step 4: finishing

Let it pass for twenty-four hours then polish the surface with a clean cloth.

A finish with linseed oil: linseed

Video Instruction: How to apply a Boiled Linseed Oil Finish