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A chimney is equipped with a duct which makes it possible to evacuate the fumes during the combustion of the wood. Over the course of use, it is possible that soot is deposited on the walls. If no precautions are taken, a bad smell of soot can then invade the interior. Where is she from? How to cure it?

Chimney and smell of soot

Chimney and smell of soot

Soot in the fireplace

Soot is a black substance giving off a rather pungent smell that comes from incomplete combustion. It is deposited on the walls of a chimney, as and when the smoke circulates there. Its composition and smell depend on the nature of the fuel and the type of combustion.
The main danger of this soot lies in its flammable nature. It can also be at the origin of a bad smell in the house. This usually occurs if the chimney is obstructed and / or the chimney malfunctions. But there are also other possible causes.

Chimney and smell of soot: causes and solutions

If a bad smell of soot invades the house, it is possible that the miter of the chimney is obstructed by creosote, the snow or a nest. Here, simply program a sweeping done by a professional to restore the situation and eliminate the bad smell. If an animal has made nest in the fireplaceit is necessary to get rid of it. And after sweeping, it is recommended to put in place a bolster with protective mesh.

In some cases, pieces of bushels broke up in the flue. These must necessarily be recovered before proceeding to a sweeping. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to replace some bushels. It is also possible to adopt a stainless steel sheath to reinforce the duct.

Sometimes it's the pivotal register at the level of the connecting pipe who closed up. In this case simply open it to restore the situation.

On a chimney with insert, the problem can be at the level of the baffles which can be badly positioned, thus preventing the odors from being evacuated normally. Then just adjust the baffles. Finally, it is recommended to check on the side of the chimney trap in the lower part of the chimney. It is possible that this element is no longer in their place.

For a fireplace to remain functional over time with a good draft, to limit the risk of fire and to avoid sooty odors, it is recommended to have the chimney regularly checked by a professional chimney sweep. This chimney maintenance expert must clean the chimney at least once or twice a year according to use (frequent or occasional).

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