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The contemporary fireplace is the ideal of current trends. Harmonizing with modern and design habitats, it is ingenious as it now adapts to all needs and forms of habitat.

Contemporary fireplace

Contemporary fireplace

What is a contemporary fireplace?

The contemporary fireplace refers to the architectural term defining the current products, that is to say trendy and modern. Characterized by a clean and sober design, its forms are simple and unadorned but it is available in multiple colors.

The contemporary fireplace is equipped witha hearth, topped witha hood and endoweda bottom plate. This space is arranged around a hearth that can be opened, in a traditionalist spirit but with low efficiency, or closed and very effective as heating.

Depending on the fuel used, must be equipped with a vent, but only in the case of a contemporary fireplace running on wood or gas.

The shapes and fuels of the contemporary fireplace

The modern fireplace is innovative in its approach to the space it occupies. It adapts to the place since it can be:

  • mural, hanging on the wall
  • suspended, attached by his conduit
  • recessed in the wall
  • central, in the heart of the room
  • Corner, placed at the junction of two walls

Depending on the model, it works with various energies impacting the quality and performance of the chimney:

  • wood, the most economical energy and the most respectful of the environment
  • gas, practical and high efficiency, this energy is however not considered clean
  • bioethanol and electricity, for a decorative fireplace and an auxiliary heater

Choose your contemporary fireplace according to its habitat

The choice of the shape of the contemporary fireplace is based on the space available and the type of performance that is desired, depending on the type of fireplace and the fuel.

The aesthetic remains to be defined. The style of the flooring should be determined by the design of its habitat and personal taste. It is advisable to choose neutral colors, enhanced with a bright color for more contrast.

We will also choose the materials constituting the coating of the contemporary fireplace, with here aluminum, steel, wood, stone or even concrete.

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