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The built-in fireplace allows you to use all the floor space while enjoying the many benefits of a good fire. Being able to work with wood, gas, bioethanol or even electricity, it adapts to all the needs of its destination space.

Built-in fireplace

Built-in fireplace

Why a built-in fireplace rather than another?

Of all the chimney ranges available on the market, the built-in fireplace is simply the one that takes the least space in a home.

  • This is a real heating appliance, more or less effective depending on the fuel with which it works: wood, gas, bioethanol or electricity
  • She may be opened with a lower heat output or closed and very effective
  • We use it as decorative element, thus creating the central point of the piece
  • She fits all environments whether they are domestic or commercial

The installation of the built-in fireplace

If the built-in fireplace is running on wood or gas, some models will need to be equipped with a ventilation and connected to a flue.

In addition, gas models must be checked regularly for safety.

In all cases, these chimneys must be installed by a professional to comply with safety standards.

There are built-in models that do not require the installation of such devices. This is particularly the case for built-in fireplaces operating with bioethanol and electricity.

But these models only serve as supplementary heating, because their performance is low, unlike the built-in chimney using wood and gas.

Built-in fireplace, make the right choice

In order to choose a built-in fireplace, we will focus on different criteria so that it is adapted to its destination room. Enter into account:

  • the size and style of the fireplace, to fit the room
  • the function, decorative or real heating device depending on the fuel and the fireplace
  • the available ventilation, if we opt for the wood fire
  • the cost of fuel, wood being the most economical and the most expensive bioethanol
  • the cleanliness of the fuel, wood being the most ecological
  • depending on the fuel, account will be taken of its storage space and its security
  • the location of the chimney, away from flammable objects and tissues

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