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Opting for a self-cleaning window chimney saves time on cleaning and saves on cleaning products. However, for the glass to clean itself or for easier cleaning, some conditions of use must be respected.

Why choose a self-cleaning window chimney?

A closed fireplace is always equipped with a window to improve the performance and to ensure the protection of the soil and the inhabitants. The transparent window suggests the spectacle of flames but it tends to get dirty very quicklyto blacken and lose all its transparency. It must therefore be cleaned very regularly even after each use. Self-cleaning window chimney Avoid this tedious daily cleaning and take full advantage of the beauty of the fire.

How does a self cleaning window chimney work?

The self-cleaning glass is vitroceramic glass as for closed fireplaces. However, one of its faces is covered a pyrolysis coating very resistant that helps keep the glass clean. This coating is always on the outside of the glass and must not come into contact with the flames. Thanks to this process, soot particles degrade when the glass rises in temperature. The burning wood heats the glass and ensures the pyrolysis of tars on the inner side. Know that you must reach a maximum draw for the flames to lick the glass and manage to burn the residue. If you make a chimney fire with little wood, the pyrolysis will not work and your window will not be able to unclog.

Maintenance of a self-cleaning window chimney

Even if your chimney is equipped with a self-cleaning glass, it is necessary to maintain it a little anyway. do not forget to remove ashes after each use with an ash vacuum cleaner or with a shovel and a broom. The more your home is filled with ashes, the more the glass will tend to get dirty. To clean it, be careful not to scratch the outside with abrasive products. Prefer cleaning with soapy water. For the interior, you have the choice between various household products special ovens or ceramic hob. But the most economical and effective method is to dab a damp sponge in a little ashes and proceed with the cleaning. Then rinse and wipe with a piece of paper towel. Your fireplace will be flawless.

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