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Being able to work with wood, gas, bioethanol or electricity, the wall chimney adapts to all needs. At the same time effective and decorative, it does not rest on the ground since its focus and its frame are fixed and placed in projection of the wall, for a gain of proven space.

Wall fireplace

Wall fireplace

Installation and operation of the wall chimney

The wood wall fireplace is usually installed in a living room but can be placed elsewhere, provided that it has a vent. It is imperative to call a professional to set it up.

For some models of gas fireplaces, the installation of the duct is not useful. However, the installation must be supervised by a Qualigaz certified professional (control body of domestic gas installations).

In the case of electric wall or bioethanol fireplaces, the interest is more decorative than useful. This will be an additional heater. These chimneys are delivered with their fixings. However the fastening system may vary depending on the wall, so they must be checked in a specialized store.

Some rules to follow for a secure wall chimney:

  • The height above the ground should generally be 30 cm to 40 cm
  • Make sure the chimney is not near flammable objects or fabrics
  • Avoid areas exposed to drafts

Why and how to choose a wall fireplace?

The main interest of the wall chimney is its absence of space on the ground.
It is chosen according to the use that is intended for it and therefore for its fuel and its type of hearth (open or closed).

  • In order to truly heat the room, the most optimal system is the closed wood fireplace. Because of its high yield and its energy savings, it benefits from a tax credit.
  • The gas-operated wall chimney is also effective, but it does not enter into a logic of energy saving.
  • For decoration, wall fireplaces with bioethanol or electricity seem appropriate. They are very economical as a decorative element.

Finally, the style of the wall fireplace defines the final choice of the model. Traditional fireplaces have evolved in recent years and their mural version features a a multitude of designs from the most classic to the most contemporary.

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