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Essential accessory to the protection of your home, the firewall is also a decorative element very appreciated. Simply put on the floor, it comes in different styles, different materials and different shapes. It's up to you to choose the one that will marry best to your fireplace.

Firewall metal frame for open fire

Firewall metal frame for open fire

What is a fireplace firewall for?

A firewall is mainly used with an open fireplace for protect the soil but also the inhabitants of the house of the eventual projections of embers or ashes. Indeed, an open fireplace is not equipped with any protection and it is therefore essential to acquire a firewall. Although it is part of the fireplace accessories, it plays a vital role in your daily safety. In addition, a firewall adds a decorative touch to your entire room. To coordinate the style of your fireplace, it becomes a decorative element in itself. It must therefore be carefully chosen to avoid tastings.

Different firewall styles

On the market of fireplace accessories, there are firewalls of all styles to meet the desires of each.
Choose between classic, modern, extravagant, discreet or design style.
Some sport hunting scenes or nature-like motifs such as leaves, birds, branches. On the material side, you can opt for steel, brushed metal, painted bronze or wrought iron for the most expensive models. It is also possible to choose a treated glass firewall so as not to mask the sight of the fire show. It's up to you to think about the style you want to give your home and the budget you have. For the purchase of a firewall, count between 10 and 300 euros depending on the material, dimensions, brand and design chosen.

Different forms of firewall

Simply put on the floor in front of the open fireplace, the firewall comes in different forms. You will find the flat firewall simple design with 2 feet or curved firewall that fits the shape of your fireplace. There are also models with shutters that adapt to the situation and open more or less according to the needs of the moment. The most sophisticated firewalls have an opening in their center to add logs to the fireplace without having to move it and ensure optimum security at all times.

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