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The first start of a new furnace after connection, whether electric or gas, is essential for its proper operation. All indications relating to this process are described in the instructions for use. Focus on the essential steps.

First start and use of the oven

First start and use of the oven

Before starting the oven

Before launch, you will need:

  • remove all protective elements in the oven cavity or around the oven
  • remove all accessories that have been placed in the oven cavity such as grills and other rotisserie
  • remove all items such as cables and instructions that have been temporarily placed in the oven enclosure
  • ensure there are no items left in or around the oven until it is first started
  • perform a first cleaning with a soft, damp cloth
  • make sure that the power cord, electric or gas, is not in contact with a heating element of the oven

First use of the oven

All indications for the start-up and the first use of the oven are described in the instructions for use delivered to you with your oven, whether electric or gas. Be sure to do as it is described.

In any case, it is advisable to heat the oven once, empty, at maximum temperature for about an hour. This will allow you to remove glue and other seal residues that will dry completely to heat. During the first minutes of use, the oven may emit smoke or odors related precisely to the drying of residues or the first heating of the adhesive of the oven insulation panels. During the first fifteen minutes of launch, leave the oven door open to evacuate all fumes and odors. Remember to ventilate the room.

Do not hesitate to regularly check the temperature of the oven during its first start-up, using a thermometer. This will allow you to appreciate the thermal power of your new oven.

Once this first use is complete, you can start cooking, and bake.

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