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Can my ceiling support a load of 15/16 kilos? Explanation: I bought a ceiling fan with light fixture. It weighs 8 kilos, but the installation instructions say that the ceiling must support a weight of 15 to 16 kilos. I have a doubt about the stability of my ceiling: (in the basic act of the building (I am on the top floor, we say this: (Sealing of the roof of the building in volcanic cement, three layers, covered with Protective gravel Zinc flashings against any superstructure and vertical walls The building dates back to 1959. So if I understand correctly my ceiling is not really concrete If I take screws fixing 10 cm (two planned), will the fan keep or is it possible that one of these days I receive it on the head.

The waterproofing is not the ceiling structure that is surely concrete.

That being the case, do not hesitate to question the architect of the building via the trustee.

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