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Repair a radiator valve.

If you notice a leak in the radiator valve, you do not have to call a professional. In most cases, a few simple but effective actions will solve the problem.

Difficulty level:

Easy to medium.

Tools and materials needed:

A screwdriver.
A wrench.
If need Teflon or cold putty.

Step 1: Remove the faucet handle.

Start by removing the faucet handle by unscrewing it or unclipping it.

Step 2: Tighten the valve nut.

If the faucet nut is accessible, tighten it with the wrench. This will compress the valve seal, which is likely to stop the leak.
If the leak is not repaired, it will be necessary to consider shutting down the boiler and then emptying the radiator to disassemble the valve.

Step 3: Replace the seal or fill the leak.

Dismantle the faucet and then look for where the failure comes from.
If it is the fillet seal, it will be necessary to replace the damaged seal with Teflon.
If it is a hole, it will be necessary to seal it with cold putty.

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