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Hanging is a frequent gesture for those who tinker, renovate or simply decorate their interior. But between the diversity of objects to suspend or fix and the profusion of tools that allow it, an overview is needed.

DIY: hang, fix, hang

You want to decorate your living room or your bathroom, but you do not know how to do it. You would like to have beautiful paintings on the walls, more storage in the kitchen, a chandelier or ceiling spots.
Fixing all these elements presents generally no difficulty especially since these operations require a minimum of equipment.
But before working on a wall or ceiling, it is essential to make sure that no water or gas pipes or electrical cables are running where you plan to drill. If you are unsure about your circuits, get yourself a metal detector that is rented for a small fee.
Then you can consider the decorative side of your hook systems, while evaluating the load that your walls are able to withstand.

3 basic accessories to secure

Plastic hook x

A plastic hook X is fixed directly into the wall using a hammer.
This quick and convenient way to hang a frame without drilling or screwing. There are various models and different sizes depending on the weight to bear.

Metal hook x

The metal hook X requires needles (provided) that are pushed into the wall and that hold the hook on which the frame or the decorative object is fixed.
They have the advantage of supporting heavier loads than the previous ones.

The hook to screw

It is the most commonly used and most resistant fastening medium. The hook to screw is screwed, as the name suggests, in ankle.
Its implementation therefore forces to drill a hole in the wall.
There are different sizes depending on the weight of the object to support.

Clashes and fixings on System D

  • Fix a picture rail
  • Hang a hanging washbasin
  • Fix a towel rail
  • Resceller a washbasin
  • Install a shower bar
  • Install a shelf on brackets
  • Make and place a corner shelf
  • Install racks on racks
  • Make and place a corner shelf
  • Install an invisible fixing shelf
  • Install perforated panels on racks
  • Attach a shower screen
  • Put a mirror on ice legs
  • Hanging paintings
  • Install a flat-panel wall mount
  • Fix a towel warmer
  • Fix a kitchen furniture
  • Suspend a ceiling lamp
  • Hanging an old wooden door
  • Repair a torn fastener
  • Hang a mirror with a hanging kit
  • Install spotlights on cables
  • Install a frame without drilling

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