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To create a warm, cozy, pleasant atmosphere during your summer evenings... Focus on ambient lighting, how to choose and where to install.

The lanterns: an idea to light your garden and create a cozy atmosphere

The lanterns: an idea to light your garden and create a cozy atmosphere

What is a mood light?

For outdoor luminaires, there are functional lights that illuminate an alley or terrace, and ambient lighting. Ambient lighting has a predominantly decorative purpose. They allow you to create games of light and magnify certain areas of your garden, from your terrace or the edge of your pool. With ambient lighting, the motto is fun. The idea is to create shapes, to play with shadows, reliefs and materials.

The ambient lighting is intended to be subtle and discreet, non-aggressive, to simply illuminate certain areas of the garden and not illuminate them properly.

How to choose the lighting fixtures and where to install them?

Choice and placement ambient lighting in your garden depends on the effects you want to create, the areas you want to highlight and the size of the garden itself.

  • To magnify a facade of the house, we will play for example with the wall sconces
  • For showcase a beautiful plant, we will play in particular with LED spots to stitch in the ground, and orientable, or LED spot lights
  • For highlight a garden massif, decorative, we can install a garden lamp of low height or a spot on feet
  • For highlight the treeswe will prefer brighter spotlights
  • For emphasize the relief of a garden, or the perfection of the lawn, we will also play more with the buried spots

These luminaires must be placed with care. Indeed, in some cases, you will need to ask permission before positioning your mood lights to create the play of light. If the ambient lighting is positioned in the direction of a neighboring dwelling, a public square or a historic monument, it is recommended to ask authorization to your neighbor, to the town hall of your municipality or to the service of historical monuments.

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