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The flat-roofed roof is more and more popular because it can be arranged in various ways. It is possible to create a new living space on your roof: garden, terrace or even vegetable garden. Even if certain rules are to be respected, in most cases, no building permit is required to create and build a flat roof.

A full house with flat roof

A full house with flat roof

Can we easily install a flat roof?

The flat roof is especially common for buildings but there is an increase in flat roofs on individual houses. As for the sloping roof or the rounded roof, a declaration in town hall is enough: no need for a building permit. Some regions are nevertheless stricter on the constructions: think to inform you in town hall before beginning the works.

A flat roof can be installed on any house, new or renovated, provided its foundations are strong enough to support it. We recommend that you seek the advice of a professional if you are in this situation.

What accommodations are possible?

A flat roof allows you to arrange your roof as you wish and opens several possibilities:

  • The green roof offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • The roof terrace allows you to enjoy the roof as a landscaped space,
  • The roof with photovoltaic cells allows you to produce your own electricity.

Before you start the work, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the type of roof wanted. In effect, roof components can vary from one type to another and they are necessary to ensure a good seal.

What about insulation and sealing?

The watertightness of a flat roof must be at the center of the project. No mistake can be tolerated or it is all your home that will pay the consequences.

In order to avoid water stagnation, the flat roof has a slight slope of less than 5°. Perforated holes at the base of the roof then allow the evacuation of rainwater.

Regarding roof insulation, there are three ways to proceed:

  • Hot construction, which includes the cover and the vapor barrier,
  • Cold construction, whose cover is ventilated by an air gap,
  • Reverse construction, with an insulating layer placed on the outside to reinforce the tightness.

To protect yourself from mistakes, do not hesitate to call a professional!

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