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This decorative ornament ensures the junction between the ridge and hips. System D explains the steps to permanently install a punch on your roof.

Punch on a roof

Flat tiles: fix a punch: flat

The punch is composed of three parts: (1) a punch holder, (2) a punch foot and (3) a punch tip.
The punch holder is usually three or four branches.
There are different types of decorative tips: on the cob, pine cone, cock, needle...
The stability of the whole is ensured by a threaded rod firmly fixed on the frame which crosses the elements.
Sealing the punch holder to the tiles is done with lime mortar or bastard mortar.

Flat tiles: fix a punch: flat

Drill the punch holder and place it on the threaded rod.
Orient it according to the configuration of the ridge and hips.

Flat tiles: fix a punch: punch

Drill a center hole of the thickness of the threaded rod on the top of the punch foot, then place it on the punch holder.

Flat tiles: fix a punch: holder

Cut the threaded rod to the correct length with a grinder and place the tip of the punch on the foot.

Video Instruction: Tile Trix Spacer Punch