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In terms of flooring, there are many classifications and labels that must allow the consumer to identify among the many references available. The T-ICCO classification is one of them.

What is the T-ICCO classification?

The classification T of ICCO (International Carpet Classification Organization) concerns carpets, rugs and textile floor coverings woven of pure wool or 80% wool and 20% polyamide. Created in 1976, this international classification concerns mainly quality products and rather upscale. Like the UPEC classification, reserved for synthetic velvet carpets, the T-ICCO classification determines its type of use and his adequacy with different types of premises as well as its comfort.

The different T-ICCO classifications

Like many classifications, that of ICCO is based on numbers on a label on the product:

  • T2, light use for a room for example
  • T3moderate use in a living room or dining room
  • T4, important use of office type
  • T5very important use as in a public place
  • T6, intensive use / luxury

The higher the class, the better the carpet or carpet. Their prices are therefore higher than the lower category carpets.
To be sure to buy a quality product, it is best to choose at least a T4 class by checking the label.
The label is obtained after numerous tests of density and wear in the laboratory, as well as tests of change of aspects (discoloration for example) or structure (pills, fibers that disintegrate...).

The advantages of T-ICCO classification

This classification highlights the many qualities of wool carpets and floor coverings. Made of 100% natural and non-flammable material, the wool is easy to maintain, biodegradable and recyclable. And unlike synthetic carpets does not release any harmful substance. If the carpet or carpet is classified T5 see T6, it is the insurance to buy a coating that will be virtually guaranteed for life and that will even withstand the wheels of an office seat!

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