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For the transformation of a barn into a house, we consider a heated floor (tiles for living rooms and parquet for rooms). It is proposed to us the pose of this one directly on a wooden slab (a concrete slab would not be necessary). Thank you kindly tell me if this technique can be as good as laying on concrete? In addition, is the installation of flooring on floor heating efficient and to the point today, and if so what are the products and techniques to be used to obtain the best results?

The "floor heating" solution is a good option. To my knowledge, the best results are achieved with the slab / concrete screed option with underlying insulation and tile flooring. The use of wood slabs will not dispense, in my opinion, the pouring of a concrete slab. For the second part of your question, a floor heating with wood coating is necessarily less efficient than a tiled floor. The laying of a parquet floor on heated concrete slab is necessarily glued (with a suitable glue).

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