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The first step when you want to install a floor heating is to decide what type of floor heating is going to choose. And yes, it is often ignored, but there are several floor heating systems... Close up on the hydraulic floor heating.

Principle of operation of a hydraulic floor heating

A hydraulic floor heating, unlike its counterpart the electric radiant floor, consists of a circuit of small tubes that contain hot water, connected to the central heating of the house; the water, once heated, will be conveyed over the entire surface of the floor, warming the room and all objects therein.

And as with every floor heating system, the hydraulic floor will produce healthy heat, which will distribute evenly in all rooms where it has been installed.
Not to mention its very aesthetic side, since it is the only heater that we do not see!

Advantages and disadvantages of a hydraulic floor heating

In addition to the "classic" benefits of underfloor heating, which is also found when installing an electric floor heater, the floor heating system has advantages which are his own:

  • It is the only floor heating system that can be connected to renewable and economical heat sources (solar water heater, heat pump, wood boiler), and eligible for a tax credit.
  • If it is connected to a reversible heat pump, in addition to producing heat in winter, it can serve as air conditioner in summer!

Side disadvantages, it is especially side tariff that the hydraulic floor heating can pose problem:

  • It is indeed more expensive and longer to install than its electrical counterpart, and represents a much larger site; it is advised frankly in case of renovation, and is to be reserved for new constructions.
  • Moreover, it is a system that request a review interview every year.

Hydraulic floor heating: what price?

It has been understood that the hydraulic floor heating requires a greater investment than the electric radiant floor, both in terms of work and cost.

Concretely, 1m² of hydraulic floor heating costs on average between 75 and 100 €.

We must also count 100 € for the annual maintenance visit

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