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I wish to realize an apartment on a villa top. This villa dates from the 1960s, made of stone. The floor is built in traditional, that is to say a concrete slab and a tiled floor. My wish would be to lay a heated floor over the tiles. My concern is the weight. Can I lay a heated floor on the existing tile? If so, what kind of floor and what precautions should I take to complete this project?

The realization is possible by Devimat or Infracable systems from Deléage. - The first is to drown in the glue-cement (special) of the tiles. - The second is to put on an insulator, the whole covered with a screed armed with a lattice; tiles can be sealed (bath blowing) or glued on cement-glue. Consideration should be given to the recommended drying times according to the systems.

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