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I build a house that will be delivered BBC, the builder must put the laminate in the ground floor I want tiling, so I asked him to leave me the raw screed with a reserve of 20mm so that I can ask my tile. My question will be able to make me certify the house BBC rt 2005 with a delivery where the house will have a screed of RDC without covering.

The label BBC EFFINERGIE Anticipated RT 2012 (applicable to building permits filed after January 1, 2013) and meets several criteria:
• the permeability to the tolerated air must be less than 0.6m3/h.m2,
• lower primary energy consumption (50 kWh / m2 and per year)
The flooring has nothing to do with it as long as the slab is sufficiently insulated to meet the criteria. On the other hand, you will not have recourse possible in decadal if the tiling is glued, thus not solid with the slab.

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