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    Laying wall tiles before laying glued parquet?

    Laying wall tiles before laying glued parquet? I must implement a parquet stuck in a bathroom and tiled (earthenware) on the walls. I wonder if I have to start with the tiles or the parquet (respecting of course the space of dilatation of the parquet), and in one case as in the other the tiling must it be started at the level of the soil or to a distance taking into account the thickness of the floor.

      Lay tile baseboards

      Laying tile baseboards How do you lay tile baseboards? Tiled plinths are installed with the same mortar as the rest of the tiles. First place the floor tiles, making them come a few millimeters from the wall, then put the plinth tiles (by applying a thin layer of mortar to the back of the tiles), matching the joints with those of the floor tiles. ground (use spacing braces for regularity of joints).