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I had my roof redone 5 years ago. Today the tiles are crumbling (small flat tile Burgundy brand Imery's). Following the visit of the service technicians he notes the superficial departure of materials but tell me that this is due to the development of foam. What should I do. They have passed this winter when the foam is the most developed. And did not the foam develop because of splinters?

Ymeris flat tiles are guaranteed for 30 years. It does not say anywhere that foam could constitute an exclusion of guarantee, especially after 5 years... If you had the good idea to take out a property damage insurance, have it play under the ten-year guarantee ( if of course the degradation has consequences on the waterproofness of the roof). Otherwise, send a registered letter to the customer service of the manufacturer to ask him to take care of the replacement of degraded tiles as a defect and a hidden defect.

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