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Self-construction, from dream to reality.

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The self-construction of a house is a long-term project, which consists of making almost all of one's home. While the time is savings, this solution at a reduced price seduces more and more French households. These sites, like no other, are far from being a pleasure, and can quickly become real obstacle courses. That's why, to conclude our file of the month, DuitDesign reveals all the facets of self-construction.

Prepare the project.

Target-folder-house self-construction: self-construction

It is important to think carefully and question all of your abilities before thinking about such a project. Do you have enough free time, and are you ready to sacrifice it in its entirety for the duration of the project? Will your health and patience allow you to carry out a project of this size? What about your budget? Do you know enough competent and available people to lend a hand every time you ask them? You will then have to determine the evolution of your long-term needs, such as the number of rooms, the size of the house, or the energy consumption. You will then choose a construction technique on a human scale, such as houses made of straw or corded wood. The materials should be easily accessible, adapted to the climate and environment of your area. Also, do not expect to build a most ordinary suburban lodge.

Acquire the necessary skills.

Target-folder-house self-construction: project

It is best to start with the theory before embarking at your own risk in practice. You will find on some Internet sites (wooden frame house,, etc.), as well as in books and specialized magazines, valuable information and testimonials from private individuals. To get your hands dirty without causing damage, you will be able to train by following apprenticeships with professionals. For the bravest, there are participatory eco-sites, where you learn new techniques by helping other auto-builders. Finally, you will benefit from advice and support from the many associations of self-builders present at the local level such as Castors or Compaillons.

Plan your project and the different steps.

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No house without land. The first thing to do is to find a perfect place to host your project. Once the deed of property in your pocket, another step, and not least, awaits you: obtaining the famous building permit! It seems important to us to point out that in certain regions, urban planning services are resistant to buildings and materials that are out of the ordinary. It will then be necessary to carry out the steps and the necessary works to make your land viable, that is to say to connect it to the networks of water, electricity, or gas or sewerage. You will then design the plan of your future home, which will have to be done with the help of an architect if it exceeds 170 m². You will then go to the shell with the earthworks, masonry, roofing, roofing and putting out of water of the house, which means a real headache for individuals without experience! Then you will install the second work that includes insulation, floors, ceilings, plumbing, electricity and heating, all in compliance with current standards. Finally, there is room for decoration and fantasy with interior and exterior finishes such as wall coverings, floors or facades.

Building a house is not an easy job for every Sunday handyman. This type of site requires maximum time, resources and energy for savings of around 30 to 40% of the total price of the house. Knowing that a building of a hundred square meters would require a minimum of about two thousand hours of work, by doing it properly, it would take two to at least ten hours a day during all your weekends for two years!

Hélène David - HandymanDuanche - July 10, 2009

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