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The different types of land

Dossier choose a terrain: the different terrains: choose

Finding the ideal terrain to accommodate your future home is not an easy task. Whatever your budget and your desire, many imperatives must be taken into account before signing. So that your home ownership does not turn into an obstacle course, HandymanDuDimanche offers a folder dedicated to the field. This week we invite you to discover the different types of terrain, to find the one that suits you.

Dossier choose a terrain: the different terrains: choose

There are two different residential lots, isolated lots and lots. Each of them has its own characteristics that it is necessary to take into account before deciding to purchase.

Isolated land

Isolated land is not necessarily set back from any dwelling. It is simply land sold by individuals, with or without vis-à-vis. Acquiring this type of plot gives you many freedoms in construction. No architectural obligations or regulations to follow, which leaves you a fairly large maneuvering.

Dossier choose a terrain: the different terrains: choose

A single obligation, to respect the rules of construction envisaged by the local plan of urbanism. Before opting for this kind of terrain, it is necessary to lend to a real detective work to avoid unpleasant surprises. The first thing to do is to check the constructibility of the land and ask for a planning certificate by contacting the town hall or the DDE. You must then consult the risk prevention plan which will inform you of the standards to be respected according to your geographical situation. Ask yourself also about the viability of the land (connections to the various networks), and the expenses it may entail. Also make sure the basements are healthy and have a surveyor set up a surveyor. For all these operations, do not hesitate to call on qualified professionals who will be able to make you a precise inventory of the situation. You avoid any disappointment.

Land in subdivisions

Dossier choose a terrain: the different terrains: dossier

The subdivisions are constructible parcels of land following the implementation of access roads and amenities, ensuring the viability and autonomy of each of them. By choosing a lot located in a subdivision, you therefore opt for the safety of an already building land, viable and perfectly bounded. However, you will be subject to compliance with the rules established in the subdivision. These mini-codes of urbanism pose architectural limits sometimes binding and specifications that can be rigorous (no verandas or exotic trees, colors imposed...). In case of departure from the rule, your neighbors may require changes or even demolition of your home. By choosing this style of land, you must be aware that your house may well look like your neighbor!

Whatever the type of terrain chosen, HandymanDuDimanche advises you to check if it is good to live in the neighborhood near the neighborhood. You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the place before you decide.

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - April 03, 2008

The other aspects of the file "Choosing a land": Inform yourself before buying a land.html "The formalities not to be missed The building permit Servicing a land

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